Barbara Newell Jones

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Barbara, You have been a very busy young lady. I loved sneaking a peek at your work. I really liked so many that I cannot even indicate which one I liked most. Nature has provided so many subjects for you, and you have matched the natural beauty in each work. I hope you are well and really enjoying the art world.
Ben Maxwell - 29 May 2017
Barn, You have really got some gorgeous paintings and I am impressed. Good to talk with you. My favorites are Party's Garden, Lilacs and Farm in Bloom.
Lynne - 21 Sep 2014
Barbara,I'm absolutely speechless!! Your paintings are beautiful. This is the first time I've been on your website,and I'm going to go on it again and again!!! Congratulations. I'm so proud of you!! Love, Sue 8/9/14
Sue Gustavsen - 9 Aug 2014
Barbara, Congrats on such a wonderful body of work. Love the compositions, colors and passion that you put into your work.
Barbara Walsh - 9 Aug 2014
I have had to the pleasure of seeing Barbara Jones's pictures in life and on this website. Because I am not an artist just an artlover I can't comment on the technical aspects like color, form, and perspective. What I can comment about is the way the paintings effect me. I feel like I am part of the scene. That sense of intimacy holds my attention. I am almost part of the art! And I look and look and see and see.
Katherine Hastigs - 6 Aug 2014
Popped in from ... love your floral paintings... amazing work! How you capture your subjects is how I feel when I see them myself! Suzy
suzy - 20 Jun 2014
Love all your paintings talented lady!! My favorites..Secret Place and Spring Pond.
Carly Greenwood - 8 Jun 2014
I looked at your website over my morning coffee. It is absolutely beautiful. All of your painting have such a calming effect on me. I love all of them.
Diane Sykes - 17 May 2014
It's so wonderful to see the collection of your work! Your winter paintings, oceans and flowers all so beautiful! Congratulations on a beautiful website! Lj
Linda Jo Nielsen - 7 May 2014
The website is fabulous. I love all the paintings. I could practically smell the ocean! Love, J
Judith B. Kelley - 4 May 2014
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